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No matter what market you are in, brand and messaging have never been more important. In a crowded, noisy world where attention spans are short and we all find what we need to know through web searches, all businesses need a clear identity.

Of course, your visual image is important. At L &L, we have a team of brand design experts to deal with that. But equally critical are your core messages: the big ideas you want your target audience to associate with you. At L &L, we know that brand and messaging are the foundations of your communications. We understand the need for originality, boldness and consistency. We have helped many clients through the whole branding process, developing visual identity, messaging and values, and creating the essential platform for communications campaigns that produce the best results.

It’s tough to grab and hold people’s attention when they are bombarded with information the whole time. Sometimes, a clever one-liner will do it. On other occasions, good copy needs a funny or arresting metaphor. And when it comes to explaining something really complex, the simple approach using everyday language is often the best one. At L &L we are true experts in producing marketable, shareable content for the digital age. But it’s not just about being creative. Our specialist writers really understand the sectors we work in. That means that they won’t waste your time. They can take a brief quickly and produce copy with minimal involvement from you.
 Visual content is just as important as written content in the drive to generate attention in the market and engage your target audience. At L & L, we can condense complex, powerful messages into arresting and highly shareable visuals. That could mean anything from infographics to videos; animations to images. Not only do we have a creative team capable of delivering all these things, but our market knowledge enables us to know what visual content is going to work best and what media will engage with it. Thinking laterally and creatively about content is one of our key strengths. And we understand that the constant marketing of content in different forms through different media is how you secure engagement with your target audience.
 We have fantastic media contacts and relationships everywhere, in all our key markets. Relationships is the key word here. Good media relations is based around knowing what journalists want. We are not just providing a service – we are famous for our storyline ideas, our ability to spot opportunities and respond imaginatively and efficiently to breaking news. As a result, the best journalists come to us to talk, to look at what we have written and to listen to what we can offer them. Above all else, journalists want content and fresh ideas. That might be a short article, supported by some research, a visual or perhaps a couple of interview opportunities. The point is that content is not a piece of paper like an old fashioned press release – it’s a conversation based around a whole package of input.
We have several event and conference companies who work with us year after year because we know precisely how to use communications and the media to sell to their clients and drive up visitor numbers. For many of these companies, we have become an essential part of their sales and marketing team. They know that when they invest with us they are going to get the right commercial results time and time again. That’s what keeps them coming back to us. We have supported events all over the world, deploying our skills in integrated communications. We also design, manage and market events on behalf of clients. We have run everything from multi-national roadshows to one-off seminars.
Direct marketing is no longer a stand-alone communications activity. In many cases, it’s an essential, connected part of a wider campaign that reinforces core messages and brand values. Language, style, tone, the use of supporting images – they all have a key role to play in influencing a decision maker. At  L &L,  we have extensive experience producing brilliantly effective collateral, advertising, newsletters and mailers. For us, direct marketing can be the culmination of everything else we do when we are trying to communicate with a target audience. It’s that special moment when we set out to talk directly to individuals and get them to make a decision to engage.
L & L  manages trade show exhibits, industry events and special events such as Oil and Gas, Free Zones conferences on a routine basis.
 Legend & Legacy will manage all of your trade show and exhibition services needs from start to finish. We utilize our decades of experience in the industry to provide you with the most cost effective options for the services required for your exhibits and display stand including designs.


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Legend and Legacy Company is a Nigeria based agency, consulting and marketing communication company. The company has special passion for promoting and showcasing investment opportunities in Africa and beyond to the international investors from all parts of the world.

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